South Texas Dove Hunts | White Wing Dove Hunts

South Texas Dove Hunts | White Wing Dove Hunts

Dove hunting in Texas is without a doubt the most anticipated social event of the year for a wing shooter. September 1st is not only the start of dove season in the South & Central zones, but it also serves as the season opener for all the Texas shooting sports to come later in the fall.

south texas white wing dove hunts

south texas dove hunts

Why 4R Ranch?

We do things differently at the 4R when it comes to white wing dove hunts. We try to avoid the masses in and around Hondo and hunt by ourselves when possible. If we do hunt a field with other hunters, we segregate our group to make it as private as possible. I realize everyone wants to shoot birds, but I would rather hunt a field where we are by ourselves and have fewer doves than hunt a crowded field with more doves. At the end of the day the limit for white-wing doves in Texas is 15 birds. Call us purist, but if you want a dove hunt like Argentina, go to Argentina. This is Texas and the 4R does not participate in the industrial dove hunts that you can find in and around Hondo.

Dove Hunting Dogs Texas

The Hunting Dogs

Our Dove Guides & Dogs

At 4R Ranch our experienced guides take the time to scout the dove fields before your group's visit. When your group arrives in the field our guides will get everyone set up and be there to assist throughout the hunt. When the shooting starts, we will have several of our English Cockers in the field to help find birds you cannot locate. Watching them is worth the price of admission!

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dove hunting lodge in south texas

dove hunting lodge in south texas

A South Texas Hunting Lodge

The Texas hunting lodge sleeps 12 comfortably and can accommodate 15 with the use of rollaway beds. We require a minimum of 10 hunters to hold the lodge for a single group. If you have less than 10, you will share the lodge with other hunters.

More About The Ranch

South Central Texas Dove Hunting

The 4R Ranch is located in the Central Zone of Texas dove hunting, but only 20 minutes from the South Zone. We have access to farmlands, flyways and watering holes in both zones, so if dove are in the area, odds are we can put you on them.

The 2019 Texas Dove Hunting Season will start September 1st.

All Inclusive Dove Hunting Rates

1.5 Day Package = $650.00 per hunter

The package includes:

  • An afternoon dove hunt, dinner and lodging on Day 1
  • Meals, lodging and dove hunting morning and afternoon on Day 2
  • Breakfast and depart on Day 3
  • Round of wobble-trap
  • Cleaning and packaging of birds.

    *A valid Texas hunting license with a migratory game bird stamp is required.

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White Wing Dove Photos Texas

White Wing Dove

White Wing Doves in Texas

Historically the white wing dove resided only in the southern regions of the United States, with the largest concentration of birds in South Texas and the Rio Grand Valley. Over that past few decades, the white wings have expanded their range north but the population has remained strong in Texas and the white wing dove has become one of the most popular game birds in the region.

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