4R Continental Pheasant Shoot in Texas

4R Continental Pheasant Shoot in Texas

“Pure fun with a shotgun!” - Those were the words that longtime friend & customer Ryan Cain used to describe his experience on one of the first Pheasant Shoots we did in 2021. We knew when we launched this experience we had to do something different, something that felt like a real driven pheasant shoot and not the run-of-the-mill tower shoot. Most importantly, it had to be fun! Based on customer reactions, this pheasant hunting experience surpassed all expectations! 

South Texas Pheasant Hunt

Hunters waiting in anticipation at their pegs

South Texas Pheasant Hunt
~ What to Expect ~

A Unique Setting

The setting for the driven pheasant hunt is in the heart of the ranch along Bear Springs. There are 10 pegs, or stations, and 6 of those pegs are in the dry creek bottom of Bear Springs. The other 4 pegs are set behind the creek bed, roughly 40 yards behind the front line. The setup is extremely safe! The pegs in the creek have a very narrow shooting alley. In front of you is a 40-ft bluff congested with elms, oaks, and cedars. Behind you are 50-ft & 100-ft elms and oaks. The dry creek itself is only 15-20 yards wide, so when the pheasants pass over the creek bed, the shots are quick. The birds that make it past the front line will have reached maximum cruising speed and altitude once they reach the 4 pegs on the back line, so good luck!

Not Your Normal Tower Shoot

Unlike traditional tower shoots, our pheasants are released from a launch station on the bluff overlooking the dry creek that is not visible to the shooters. Before we start the shoot, we draw for peg positions 1-10. Once the guides/bird shaggers get everyone set, we start the shoot. 25 pheasants are released per rotation, and after the last bird is released in the rotation, we give the signal and everyone rotates to the next peg position. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience each peg position. After the first 5 rotations, we take a 10-15 minute break. This allows the bird shaggers and the 6-8 English Cockers we will have in the field time to round up all the long fall birds.

Texas Hospitality

After the shoot is over and the dogs have fetched up the last bird, we take a group photo. From there, we return to the lodge where Jill will have a delicious Southern-style brunch ready for everyone to enjoy. We know that pheasant hunting in Texas is a somewhat foreign concept to most hunters, but we can assure you that this is a unique pheasant hunting opportunity that you will never forget. 

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Continental Pheasant Shoot in Texas

Happy group of hunters after an outstanding day

The itinerary for the 4R Pheasant Shoot is as follows:

  • 8:00 am - Arrive at the lodge
  • 8:15 am - Guides arrive at the lodge and go over the rules of engagement
  • 8:25 am - Load up in the 4R hunting rigs and proceed to the field
  • 8:45 am - Shoot begins
  • 11:00 am - Wrap up the shoot
  • 11:15 am - Brunch is served
  • 12:00 pm - Depart

We are offering this experience from mid-September through the first week of November.  

10 shooters is the optimal number. We can accommodate up to 14 shooters but no fewer than 10. 

Texas Pheasant Hunts

Texas Pheasant Hunt Package
~ 2024 Season ~

Our European-style pheasant hunts are perfect for family, friends, or corporate events. The vibe is as Ryan said best, Pure Fun with a Shotgun! 

Cost - $695 per shooter

*This price is all-inclusive including the cleaning and packaging of birds. 

What to Pack for Your TX Pheasant Hunt:

  • Ammo: The optimal shot size for this shoot is 6 shot or 7.5 shot.
  • Eye protection: Eye protection is mandatory
  • Clothing: Camo is the attire for this shoot. No blaze orange! 
  • Guns: Break-action guns only! 
  • Chokes: Bring your chokes. You might find it necessary to switch chokes at some point in the shoot. 

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